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The intense shades of the sea of Framura, the warm and contrasting colours of its rocks and the scent of aromatic herbs that surround us along the paths that lead to the beaches give us a feeling by now lost: being part of a strong and primordial nature that fulfils your heart and free your mind.

The depths of Framura host several marine species that make this part of the coast a paradise for those who love diving. For a guided tour, simply contact the Diving Centre located near the Marina.



The Bay of Arena beach is the widest of Framura, to its length, for the gentle decline of the slope behind the seaside and the extension of the horizon…


Fornaci beach is easily accessible by car (parking area available), from Framura or Deiva Marina, and on foot through the wooded trail of Mount Serro…


The Marina

The characteristic marina of Framura is located in a beautiful rocky bay and protected by Ciamia, the biggest rock in Liguria…


Porto Pidocchio

Porto Pidocchio is a narrow deep bay, surrounded by high dark cliffs newly equipped to play wall climbing…



For its beauty and ease of access, the little beach of Torsei  is among the most popular and crowded of Framura…



The beach of Vallà, a small sandy cove protected by breakwater, is easily reachable swimming or walking on the east side of Arena beach…