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Modern touristic resort, Fornaci is the most outlying of the hamlets of Framura; it is located on the eastern side of the river that separates Framura from Deiva Marina. The territory of Framura has always been quite vast along this river area and the ancient inhabitants of Framura, settled in Vigo and Mount Castellaro, had probably established its port area where the remains of a prehistoric fort are still present today.

According to legend in the woods there are still traces of docking rings of this port, the existence of which likely  appears. You have to consider that, at least until the year Thousand, the sea was forwarded in the bed of the stream until it reached what is now the historic centre of Deiva Marina.

Moreover, the rests of amphora of the 2nd c. BC coming from the Tyrrhenian and founded on site let us thinking  as it was a centre of trade.