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Located inland, Castagnola is very rich in history. The parish church of San Lorenzo houses a Deposition of Jesus of the famous painter and sculptor Luca Cambiaso (Moneglia 1527 – Madrid 1585), author of  sacred and profane frescoes and paintings, which adorn many palaces and churches in Genoa.

Philip II chose the artist to decorate the Escorial, residence and pantheon of the kings of Spain. The Deposition we have here in the parish church is a high stylistic value’s  work, since it belongs to the maturity of the artist (1575), enriched by the late influences of the best Venetian painting.

The village of Passano, next to Castagnola and now part of the town of Deiva Marina, rather retains the evocative remains of the ancient castle of the lords Da Passano, destroyed by the Genoese in 1173 during the expansion of the Superb (that was the nickname of Genoa) along the Riviera di Levante (Eastern Riviera).