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Anzo is historically a vacation resort of noble Genoese, as evidenced by the large gardens walled even today by high walls, which once were sign of true wealth. Crossing the village you can breathe a fascinating aura of decayed nobility.

In the village of Anzo there is the splendid chapel of Our Lady of the Snows, built in the 19th c. and decorated with the neo-gothic style of the time. Inside, the church contains a Madonna with Child (7th c.)

As Setta, Anzo preserves a beautiful Genoese watchtower (15th c.), located right at the entrance of the village, also built against the Saracens.

Anzo is certainly much older than Setta. Scillace (5th c. BC) indeed identified in Antium (Anzo) the border between the Ligurian and the Etruscans.